Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Classic Collectibles of the Day!


Here's some Bewitched books (I think the last two are diffent editions of the same book, judging from the covers), neither of which I've had the opportunity to own or read!


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  1. Jon
    From http://findingaids.princeton.edu/collections/C0225 :
    "Hine, Alfred Blakelee, 11 December 1915-November 1974"
    "Scope and Content:
    "The collection consists of manuscripts for three novels by Hine (Princeton Class of 1938): corrected typescripts of An Unfound Door and The Birthday Boy and corrected typescripts and galley proofs of Lord Love a Duck."

    "Alternative Form Available:
    "Publications by Hine: An Unfound Door (Boston: Little, Brown, 1951), The Birthday Boy (New York: Scribner's, 1959), Lord Love a Duck (New York: Atheneum, 1961)."

    "Collection Creator Biography:
    "Al Hine was an American novellist and children's writer."

    "Alternate Names:
    "G.B. Kirtland"

    Interesting that they don't list this book!
    •Bewitched, (Feb 1965, Al Hine, publ. Dell, #0551, $0.45, 157pp, pb)
    •Bewitched, (Jul 1965, Al Hine, publ. Mayflower-Dell, #0551, 3/6, 157pp, pb)

    wikipedia adds:
    •Where in the World Do You Live? (fiction), Harcourt, 1962
    •Money Round the World, Harcourt, 1963
    •A Letter to Anywhere (nonfiction), Harcourt, 1964

    Amazon adds:
    •The Innocent Infidels, Avon, 1961
    •The Unsinkable Molly Brown (a novel based upon the stageplay ), A Gold Medal Book/Fawcett (k1433), 1964
    •Bus Riley's Back in Town, Popular Library, 1965
    •Juggernaut, Bantam, 1974



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