Monday, May 28, 2007

Classic Genre Image of the Day: House of Frankenstein!


Here's a picture from, I believe, "House of Frankenstein." The early part of the picture was a short piece when an evil scientist (played by Karloff) escaped from the police and took on the identity of a man who ran a travelling road show of horrors, including Dracula's skeleton. The hunchbacked assistant (whose name escapes me right now) was responsible for reviving Drac when he pulled the stake out of the ribcage, and basically Drac was destroyed here by not paying attention to the time of night, and got caught in the sunrise.

The scientist and his hunchback also meet up with some gypsies, and rescue a cute dancer whom they take with them, before they arrive in the infamous village (which may have been named Frankenstein at this point, for all I know). The scientist wants Dr. Frankenstein's notes, and searches the castle, finding the Monster and the Wolf Man.

The Monster (Bela Lugosi) and the Wolfman were frozen after Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (when they were presumed dead after the dam was blown and the castle flooded). The scientist thaws both creatures, and since it's no longer a full moon, the Wolf Man turns into Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney, Jr.), who still wants a cure for his werewolfism. The scientist promises to cure him with Frankenstein's notes, as well as fix the Monster's brain problems and cure his assistant's hunchbacked condition.

Of course the scientist starts focusing entirely on the Monster, not paying attention to the full moon at all, so Larry gets hairy and runs amok. By this point, the gypsy chick's fallen in love with Larry (the hunchback is upset at this, as he'd been carrying a torch for her since he laid eyes on her).

The gypsy chick does Larry in this time around, and the Monster meets his end in this picture when he picks up the scientist and tries to escape the mob by walking into quicksand. I think the Monster killed the hunchback.



  1. Jon,
    It was Dr. Niemann (Karloff's character) who pulled the stake. The Gypsy dancer, Ilonka, was portrayed by Elena Vergugo. They were traveling to Vasaria (the last Frankenstein in the village named after their family (or vice-versa?) was Wolf (or I suppose you could say Peter), years ago. Daniel (Naish's character) killed Professor Lampini.
    Hope this helps!


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