Friday, May 04, 2007

Comic Book Ad of the Day!


From the November, 1974 cover-dated Marvels -- or at least one of them -- is this house ad that was stuck at the bottom of a letter column page. It's possible that there may have been a few different ones done, and they were put on different letter columns!

I do like this one, as minimal a size as it is (considering it's promoting Giant-Size books), because it not only tells you which books they're promoting, but give you a single line for each one to get you interested in them... plus there's an image clipped from the cover to whet your appetite!

I don't think I bought more than two Giant-Size Marvel titles off the racks... I know I did have Giant-Size Creatures (or whatever it was that introduced Greer Nelson's new persona of Tigra the Were-Woman) as well as Giant-Size Superstars (I think that was it... basically it was a Giant-Size FF book, featuring the Hulk Vs. the Thing with Rich Buckler imitating Kirby). Naturally, I probably don't have any Giant-Size books in my current meagre collection... but I do have the Giant-Size Marvel trade paperback (which, itself, is paradoxically one of the thinnest TPBs in my collection).



  1. Well you didn't miss many things if you ignored the "giant-size" marvels...I currently have a couple of them but I think they don't worth the try...

    Better check out the 70's regulars and also some off-beat series like "Omega the unknown"..I would prefer to read micronauts or 70's spidey than "giant size chillers" any day...

  2. I didn't necessarily ignore the Giant-Size Marvels... I just didn't have that much money available to buy comics in that era, and so I tended to get more books when possible (although I've always been a sucker for DC's 100-Page Super-Specs).

    My collection at the moment is mostly 1970s books, DC and Marvel alike, and the off-beat stuff is always a highlight of my reading!


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