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Comic Book Ad of the Day!


Normally, I don't tend to go beyond the 1970s when posting comics stuff here in the Random Thoughts, but I decided I should go ahead and make a few exceptions, such as this ad (and a few others, no doubt).

Rom, Spaceknight... I remember seeing these ads fondly, and thinking that it was a very cool-looking toy (at least until I saw the thing in real life... instead of being made with a cool chrome covering, it was just dull gray plastic). Unfortunately, there wasn't all that much play value for Rom... I mean, there were no other figures made to go with him, so what do you do with the toy?

Well, when I had a Rom in my collection, I just had it standing on a shelf.

Too bad that they didn't take a cue from the Rom comics (which lasted far beyond the toy), and produce some Dire Wraiths or something!

You know, it's funny... over the past several years, I've often thought it would be cool if Ideal (or whoever owns the rights to Rom these days) would team up with Marvel and produce a Rom and the Spaceknights action figure line, featuring the other Spaceknights from the Rom comics, as well as some Dire Wraiths (both versions)... and maybe even have the Spaceknight weapons built with some kind of black lights in them so that when they're aimed at the Dire Wraiths, it causes a unique glowing or something!

I do seem to recall that a Dire Wraith was included in one of the Marvel toy lines somewhere along the way, though.


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  1. Jon,
    From :

    Nov 18 2008, 05:10 PM
    Post #18
    The Toybiz Dire Wraith figure was sculpted, but never actually came out.

    (Please ignore the excessive stupidity/lack of research in the article otherwise.)

    Anyway, the Dire Wraiths were mentioned in the original promotion video that Parker Brothers sent to Marvel, meaning that they were the ones who came up with the concept of them (at least so far as "shape-changing evil magicians"). You can see that promo video here:

    (It's actually pretty neat, in a late-70s way).

    Of course, the Parker Brothers Dire Wraith toy never came out, either, so it may have been wildly different from the "true form" seen in the comics... it kind of makes me wonder if Marvel wasn't -actually- allowed to keep using the Dire Wraiths when their ROM license ran out, though.

    Another comment is interesting:

    Nov 17 2008, 10:26 PM
    Post #8
    Hasbro owns Marvel Legends, so could we see a ML Rom


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