Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comic Book Ad of the Day!


Remember I was talking a few days back about ads in comic book format? Well, here's one for a bicycle company that I don't think I've heard of outside the comics ads themselves. It's from the June, 1969 cover-dated DC books.

I wonder if the Lee Jeans people saw these ads and realized that they could make equally-specious claims in their ads in the 1970s? Here, the kids with the bikes become an impromptu escort for some honchos... and in the 70s, the kid in the Lees (I think it was Lee) would always be assumed to be older, and would be sitting in the cockpit of an experimental radio controlled automobile, or something like that, because they looked older...


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  1. Jon,
    From :
    "Iverson bikes were sold at many auto centers such as Millers Automotive and Joes back in the late 60s and early 70s... maybe earlier but this is my first recollection of the name. They were made by Stelber Industries way-back-when and floated into obscurity when the prolific Asians started bringing excellent quality bikes at low prices into the US.

    "The coolest thing about Iverson is that some bikes were designed by auto custom guru George Barris... but in general the bikes were constructed very poorly and tended to fail quickly. Although I don't think Barris had his hands in their 10 speeds, it seems that Stelber avoided making anything of quality regardless of who designed it."

    They include a link to
    Hope this helps!


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