Thursday, May 03, 2007

Comic Book Cover of the Day!

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Here's Drag-Strip Hot Rodders, a Charlton book which reprinted the best of Hot Rods and Racing Cars.

It's always been rather amazing to me how many different genres of books Charlton published over the years... and the racing genre is one that they pretty much had all to themselves (aside from DC's brief Hot Wheels series). I think their romance titles hung around even longer than DC's or Marvel's, and certainly their war books outlasted Marvel's Sgt. Fury! Plus, they had a whole load of horror/mystery books that probably outlasted the DC "House" titles...

I've long lamented the fact that there's no company like Charlton today... not that I wish there was a company that produced cheaply-produced books, or irregularly-scheduled books (most companies seem to do this, although not purposely)... but rather, they were a company that seemed interested in giving new creators a shot to develop their skills. There were probably at least a dozen comics creators who started at Charlton and moved on to DC and Marvel (if not many more).

But there's really nobody these days who does the same thing. Instead, there's self-publishing, and I guess web comics... and the latter provide instant feedback, so maybe that's a good thing...

But still...


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  1. They'd have to find a way to get their stuff sold somewhere other than comic book shops.


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