Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Comic Book Cover of the Day!

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Here's Gold Key's Dagar, The Invincible #1, a book that I'm pretty darn sure was created to compete (or at least get part of the market) with Conan the Barbarian, except for a perhaps younger audience.

I believe that Donald Glut created Dagar as well as his fellow Gold Key comic book star Dr. Spektor... and in fact, I believe it was revealed in some comic or another that Dagar was Spektor's ancestor!

I don't recall reading many Dagar issues, however... I am a Spektor fan, though!


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  1. Jon,
    Rip Jagger says that Jesse Santos designed the cover and George Wilson painted it. Odd that neither of them took into consideration that there are no bones in an elephant's trunk.


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