Sunday, May 20, 2007

Comic Cover of the Day!

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So here's Crack Comics #1... and that's a title that I'd imagine wouldn't be used on any mainstream title today, would it? Underground comic, sure... although I shudder to think what "Crack" would be referring to...

Anyway, the characters you see here are kind of interesting, in an "obscure character" kind of way. Aside from the Black Condor, I don't belive much, if anything, has been done with the characters these days!

That cover image with the Clock is just bizarre, with the villain providing exposition for the image! I think the Clock was another of those non-powered masked villains, his gimmick being "The Clock Strikes" on a business card he'd leave when he defeated the story's villain. Madam Fatal, unless I'm mistaken, was comics first cross-dressing superhero, being a man who disguised himself as an old lady to fight crime!


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  1. Wow, Mrs. Doubtfire as a crime fighter!


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