Friday, May 25, 2007

Genre Movie Image of the Day: Frankenstein!

OK, so I'll admit that I'm not really that certain off the top of my head which Frankenstein movie this is from... but I'd have to guess "Ghost of Frankenstein", since in "Son of Frankenstein" the monster got knocked into a sulphur or lime pit, and here he's clearly caked in something, with Ygor having dug him up!

That's Bela Lugosi in the beard as Ygor (different character from the hunchback in the original movie, who was named Fritz... Ygor was a criminal who was hung for his crimes, but didn't die... he was instead severely injured, with his neck broken). And I'm pretty sure that's Lon Chaney, Jr. as the monster (I think he had the role until Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, when he had to play his previous role... and I think Lugosi played the Monster there).


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  1. Bingo, Jon!

    It's Lon Chaney Jr. (detouring from his growing role as Wolf Man) playing the monster coming out of the sulfur pits into which he was thrown at the end of Son of Frankenstein. He's caked with dried-up sulfur, which flakes off as he comes back to his own version of life.

    This, the fourth Universal Frankenstein, was the first one with someone other than Boris Karloff playing the monster. In the fifth, F. Meets Wolf Man, it was Glenn Strange, not Bela Lugosi, who donned flattop and neck bolts.

    You and your pals might enjoy my blog, Monster Sightings, and my book, FRANKENSTEIN: A CULTURAL HISTORY, coming out from Norton in October.

    Susan Tyler Hitchcock


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