Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Wrap-Up!

So, today at Olympic Cards & Comics, Gabi hosted a big "52" event, with writers Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, and Geoff Johns in her store, answering questions and signing autographs. The event started at noon, and I'm not sure how long it went.

I'd been planning on bringing Krypto along, because I'd told Waid about Krypto at Emerald City Comic Con, and of course, Krypto had to wear his cape!

Silly me, however, I didn't make sure I could find his complete costume until late Friday night... and I found his cape and the shield (which had to be reglued on, because it came off in the wash last Halloween), but I couldn't find the collar! This collar, yellow with two rows of studs (which was the closest I'd been able to find) also had an S-Shield tag, naturally... but it was missing.

So, I did the next best thing... I took one of his other collars, cook the S-Shield tag off of it, and then I pulled out the belt for my Superman costume, cut off an appropriate length, and fed the collar through it (meaning, of course, I'll have to make a new belt for the next time I wear it... which is OK, I wanted to redo the cape, too).

This morning, after we had breakfast, Jessi indicated she didn't want to be stuck at home while I went to the 52 event, and none of our friends were available to walk the dogs with us, so we decided to go to garage sales instead, then stop at OCC. So we did so... with the cape and makeshift collar ready to put on Krypto just before we went in the store.

Garage sales were decent enough... most of what we bought were children's books, although I did find a Justice League DVD for a buck (not that I know which episodes are on it, mind you)... and I did find the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 10 Best DVD set (the first one I worked on) at a different garage sale (but I didn't buy it, since I already had it... plus I didn't see a price on it).

Anyway, just before noon, Krypto, Jessi, KO and I entered Olympic Cards & Comics. Since I had picked up what had been held for me on Friday, and discovered some stuff was missing, my first priority was to see which of the missing issues I could find, bought them, and headed upstairs with Krypto (after Jessi told me she and KO were going to walk to PetSmart, which isn't far from OCC).

Krypto was a HUGE hit with my fellow fans... I think he got his picture taken at least a dozen times or so, and when Mark and Geoff sat down behind the table (Greg was running late), they noticed him immediately. I reminded Mark that I'd told him about Krypto at ECC, and things clicked for him... and then Geoff got up and came over to give Krypto some attention, which was cool (apparently Geoff used to have a boxer himself).

The first hour's question and answer session went all right, but Krypto wasn't quite used to having to sit in one place for all that long, so after half an hour, he was getting fidgety, so I took him outside so he could do some business (which he took his own sweet time doing), and then when we came back in, they were just taking a break for some autographs. Krypto was still fidgety at that point, and I figured Jessi would want to head home anyway (I figured it'd be about an hour at the shop), so I went looking for her... assuming she was still at PetSmart, but she and KO were down in the shop already (I nearly drove off to "find" her, just barely hearing her yelling my name so I could turn around).

After that, we hit a few more garage sales, made a stop at Big Lots, and then headed home for some lunch, and to pretty much relax the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, along with Mother's Day, we're celebrating the May birthdays for my family... but I don't expect there'll be much to report from that. Instead, let me just say that I hope you'll take the time on Sunday to treat your own mother nice (assuming she's still around... and if not, keeping her in your thoughts would be appropriate)... and if your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or someone else in your life is a mother as well, treat them good, too!


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