Thursday, May 31, 2007

TV Shows I Wish I Had Boxed DVD Sets Of...

One final post before I head off to bed...

I've been thinking a bit over the past few days of television shows that I've long been a fan of, some of which are still being shown, and others that aren't, and how many of them I wish I had boxed DVD full-series sets of (or at least, boxed full-season sets). So, here's a list of what comes to mind tonight, in no particular order!

Star Trek: The Original Series - Although this is out on DVD now, I'd love to see a "perfect set", which would feature both the original versions of the episodes as well as the remastered ones, plus all the interviews and stuff that Sci-Fi Channel showed with them when they were runnning a 90-minute format version, which included completely uncut episodes.

Star Trek: The Animated Series - Another one that is out now, I just haven't had the budget to buy it!

Time Tunnel - As formularized as this show was, I still have fond memories of it, and would love a complete series DVD set.

Land of the Giants - Probably my favorite Irwin Allen TV show. I honestly don't know if this or Time Tunnel are even available on DVD yet!

Planet of the Apes - Yes, the short-lived CBS series. I know this is available!

Return to the Planet of the Apes - This was a one-season Saturday AM animated series which I actually have a bootleg VHS tape of, but it'd be nice to see it in a higher quality format with some nice extras... Heck it would be nice to see this series revived and continued, because it was very cool, as each episode was a chapter in an ongoing saga!

The Twilight Zone - Do I even have to justify this choice?

Quantum Leap - Another of those shows that I started watching just before the final season... caught up on what was going on in reruns on USA! I know this is out.

Bewitched - I think some of the seasons have been released, but I'm not sure if they all were!

Mork and Mindy - I know that as the show progressed, it plain ran out of steam, but it'd be nice to revisit it once in a while!

Barney Miller - A show that I really became a fan of when it was in reruns... funny stuff!

The Prisoner - Actually, I used to have this... but sold the set I had when I was out of work.

Fantastic Four - The Hanna-Barbera version from the 1960s. Another show I've got on bootleg VHS, but is really deserving of a higher quality release.

The Beatles - The animated series was more or less cartoon music videos, but I still think it would be a cool DVD set to have!

The Monkees - One that's out, just not purchased!

OK, that's about all I have time for tonight... but I may well do this again sometime! Feel free to comment about what TV shows you wish you had on DVD, whether they're out on DVD already or not!



  1. When will the release "When Things Were Rotten?"

  2. Jon -- LAND OF THE GIANTS - The "GIANT" Collection DVD set will be released July 24! Check Amazon.

    Great blog, Jon!
    Patrick Owsley

  3. Scott - I was surprised "When Things Were Rotten" wasn't put out when "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" was in theaters... it would've been a natural!

    Patrick - Great news about LOTG! Now I just have to budget for it! Thanks for the comments on the blog -- as you know, I love your blog, too (just wish you posted more often!).


  4. I know that season one of Mork and Mindy is out and I think Season two is coming out soon. I only think season one and the ones with Jonathan Winters are worth having. Season two is boring.


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