Thursday, May 17, 2007

We're Licensed!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, friends, in today's mail, Jessi and I received our official licenses to be Foster Parents, along with some other information (for example, as foster parents, we're required by law to report suspected child abuse to the police... Jessi, I believe, is already required to do so because of her job; I, on the other hand, since pretty much the only children I meet on a regular basis are my nieces and nephews, was never required to do so, but that shouldn't be an issue anyway).

This gave us some good news when we attended this month's Adoption Support Group meeting, which was my first, since they normally occur during an hour I'm still at work. Of course, since I have the day off today (as well as tomorrow), I eagerly took the opportunity to attend.

Friday night brings us to the Foster Parent Appreciation Banquet, which I find ironic... we had been invited a few weeks back, before we were licensed, but now we'll be official, being licensed just two days before the banquet (yes, it was mailed out yesterday).

The next step in this process is waiting for a call, which may come at nearly any time! I'll keep you posted as to further developments.


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  1. Congratulations!

    It's great that you're willing to help kids in need.

    Considering how much there is about toys, comic books, and old TV shows on this blog, I'd say that the children should have a great time in your house.


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