Saturday, June 02, 2007

Classic Collectible of the Day!


This is one of the most bizarre Monkees collectibles out there... the talking Monkees hand puppet! I've seen one or two of these over the years, and I still think it's weird... I could've bought into the idea of four different Monkees hand puppets, but putting all four of them on a single puppet?

Still, this is a pretty popular collectible!


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  1. I used to have these back in the 80s. I dated a girl who had an older brother who had the puppets. The brother had committed suicide many years earlier and a lot of his stuff was stored in the attic. The Monkees puppet was up there and still in it's original box! She asked me to her prom and I told her I would go if she gave me the puppet. Needless to say that we went to the prom and the puppet became a part of my collection. The talking box didn't work. I don't know of many that do. I sold it on E-Bay a few years back. Got a pretty penny for it if I recall correctly. Looking back on it now, I was a jerk for asking for the puppet in exchange for a prom date. Especially since her brother had committed suicide and all. Oh well.


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