Saturday, June 09, 2007

Comic Book Cover of the Day!

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This issue of Lois Lane is one that I used to have in my collection, and it features cover art by Kurt Schaffenberger, who's one of my favorite Superman Family artists! The cover story is pretty much what you see here... Lois' impetuousness causes her to artificially age, and then Superman starts seeing Lana all the time (I must confess, as often as I've heard people say that Kurt drew Lois and Lana the same, but with different hair styles, I have to differ... he drew both sexy as hell, but I think he must've personally preferred Lana, because she always looked better than Lois).

What I may be mistaken in is how the story ends... the denouement has Lois finally completely losing her temper at how she's being treated by Superman, Lana, and everyone else around her, and that ends up being the cure for her premature old age! Superman, of course, knew this, and perpetuated this cruel hoax to cure her (and probably to teach her a lesson, too... he used to do that all the time in Lois Lane's comic, but I don't think the lessons ever took).



  1. Did you see any of the Olympia Comics Festival? It was fun.

  2. That was the same day as the "52" event at Olympic Cards & Comics, which is where Krypto and I went to.

    Glad you had fun!



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