Sunday, June 24, 2007

Comics Cover of the Day!

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This issue of Blue Ribbon Comics, from before the super-heroes took it over (and before a certain red-haired teenager took over the entire publishing line), features Rang-A-Tang, the Wonder Dog. Now, if you're not familiar with movie star Rin-Tin-Tin, also sometimes called a Wonder Dog, you may be wondering why such a strange name (not that Rin-Tin-Tin isn't any stranger).

Rinty, as I think RTT was sometimes called, was the biggest dog in the movies until Lassie came along (and of course, Lassie "herself" was bumped when Benji came along, who was bumped by Beethoven, but by that point, there were no more real dog stars in the movies... at least, none that weren't animated!).

But Rang-A-Tang wasn't the only comics dog influenced by RTT! DC had Rex the Wonder Dog, but even before that, there was the wonder dog (whose name I'm blanking on now) who took over the original Green Lantern's title... and of course, there was also Ace, the Bat-Hound... German Shepherds all!

I have no idea if Marvel ever tried to come up with a similar dog hero.


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  1. Jon,
    It was Streak the Wonder Dog who finished off Green Lantern's book. As for dogs at Marvel, the only one who springs to my mind is Top Dog (courtesy of Warren Kremer).
    Hope this helps!


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