Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Comics Cover of the Day!

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So here's the original Blue Beetle, in issue 1 of his Fox Comics title! So far, there have been four distinctive Beetles using that name... this one, policeman Dan Garrett who drinks a super-vitamin potion to get his powers; the first Charlton version, archaeologist Dan Garrett, who found a mystic scarab that, when he said the magic words "Khaji-Da!" would transform him into the super-powered Beetle; Ted Kord, inventor and industrialist, who took on the Beetle identity at the dying bequest of the second one when he was killed by Ted's uncle on Pago Island; and then there's the current one, whom I'm not familar with too much, save that he's supposedly using Dan's mystic scarab as the source of his powers.

This, despite that DC's first Blue Beetle series established that the scarab was actually some kind of magical/alien lifeform that was symbiotic in nature (I think we learned this when it reanimated the corpse of Dan Garrett and sent him on a rampage).



  1. The version from PBS's "The Electric Company" was definitive.

  2. The Blue Beetle also had a newspaper strip and a roadio show.


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