Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amerca's Got Talent

It's summer time, and that means NBC's been showing the latest edition of America's Got Talent. And that also means that Jessi and I have been watching it, although sometimes a bit delayed (thank you, DVR!).

The latest episode had the judges (David Hasselhoff, Piers something, and Sharon Osbourne) narrowing down the contestants to 20, who will perform starting next week. Now, some of their choices I agree completely with... especially the magician and one of the singers, the band Johnny Come Lately (teenagers performing 1950s rock), and a few others I'm fairly happy they went through, too.

But then there's Boy Shakira (a man who dresses up like Shakira and dances like her), and some India man who dances in Bollywood style... and honestly, I do not understand one little bit what the appeal of those two "acts" are!

This happened last year, too... there were a few acts where I thought, "What the hell?" when they went on to the final 20, while other acts got bounced.

Not that anyone who reads this has any influence on things, but you know what I think? I think the winner of each year's competition should be given an hour-long special on NBC to perform on, showcasing themself, and then let them pick any five acts they like who competed to also appear, regardless of when they were knocked out.

One act I'm especially disappointed was kicked out in the Tuesday episode (when they went down to 35 acts) was this female ventriloquist... she was very talented, and cute as all get-out, too... I just hope that she finds success through another venue.



  1. Jon,
    Apparently the ventriloquist you mention is Meghan Miller.


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