Friday, July 20, 2007

Classic Collectibles of the Day!


Yes, it's more GI Joe from the 1969 Montgomery Ward's catalog! And this time, it's the first-ever Talking GI Joes, plus we have those military vehicles (such as the helicopter that I keep wondering if it was made by Hasbro or someone else). I guess that mystery is solved for me here, because the text says it's a G.I. Joe Helicopter, and I have to say that I pretty much prefer the 1970s Adventure Team helicopter (if nothing else, it looked more like a real helicopter, and not a scaled-down version of a coin-operated child's ride you'd find in the front of a Kmart store).

I don't think I ever had this series of talking Joe's, but I definitely had a talking G.I. Joe Adventure Team Commander when I was a kid!



  1. I posted a comment about this on a related post, but, silly looking through it is, the helicopter here is actually much closer to reality than the somewhat less silly looking Adventure Team one. Photos of the prototype here:

    But you aren't wrong about the supermarket version either. The little Hiller helicopter was the inspiration for a common coin-op version, as well as a kiddie carnival ride (which I loved as a child) and an arcade game with a flyable miniature version was mounted on a arm. I have no idea why such a strange and uncommon helicopter became such an icon of the era.

  2. Maybe because it was so strange and distinctive-looking!



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