Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Comic Book Cover of the Day!


Here's Air Fighters #6, starring Airboy, one of the more innovative ideas in comics, if you ask me! If you aren't familiar with him, Airboy is, indeed, a boy, whose father was killed and young Davy (I blank on his last name now) was left in the care of monks, one of whom was interested in creating a new kind of airplane that flew like a bird! Eventually, he built a prototype, Birdie (pictured on the cover), whose wings flapped, but he was killed, and young Davy became Airboy to avenge his death.

Or something like that, anyway. In the course of his adventures, he met up with many interesting villains, especially the sometimes-villainess, sometimes-heroine Valkyrie, who wore a green blouse that was completely open in the front, a Veronica Lake hairstyle, jodpurs and boots.

Air Fighters was published by Hillman, and their next best-known character was probably the Heap, who was a muck-monster that pre-dated Swamp Thing and Man-Thing by decades!

In the 1980s, Eclipse Comics got the rights to Airboy, and revived it, with the original Airboy's son taking over the identity. It was a fun series to read, and one of these days I need to re-acquire the issues and read them again!

Oh, I should also mention that Airboy "inspired" the character of Jetboy, in the Wild Cards shared universe novels, edited by George R.R. Martin.



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