Thursday, July 26, 2007

Genre Image of the Day: Them!


Yes, today (and for a few days) the genre images will be from Them!, that classic sci-fi flick about huge ants!

And yes, you know I love this movie, because it features enlarged creatures... but did you know that I featured "Them!" as Comics They Never Made not just once, but twice? Follow the first link there for the Cover Stories column with "Them!" as an issue of Drive-In Movie Classics, my faked-up Charlton title, and the second one for the first issue of the faked-up "Them!" series!

Now, you know you've got to check those links out, don't you? Unless, of course, you remember reading those columns when they first went up...



  1. Jon,
    Unfortunately the first link doesn't work anymore. I suspect it's similar to what's at
    Hope this helps!

    1. Yeah, I probably messed up the first link and years later, you're the first to mention it!


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