Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Genre Movie Image of the Day: Invasion USA Poster!


Here's a poster for yet another sci-fi/monster flick I've never seen in my life, ever.

But you know, there are two things that strike me about this poster anyway.

The first is that the best quote they could get for the poster was from Hedda Hopper. Hedda Hopper, in case you're not aware, was basically one of the many Hollywood gossip reporters from way back when, who became a celebrity of sorts in her own right! Heck, she even guest-starred on some radio shows here and there!

Would you trust a movie review written by, say, the lead reporter for the National Enquirer or the Star?

The other thing is the blonde babe with the skirt cut up to here, displaying her shapely gams. Anyone want to bet there's no scene in the entire movie that has this happening in it?



  1. Never saw this on MST3K?

  2. Jon,
    It's not a monster movie, and not even much of a sci-fi film. A bunch of people at a bar are hypnotised by a stranger into believing the Communists have invaded. Sobered, they vow not to allow it to happen in real life. It was risible even when it was new. As for Hedda Hopper, she was one of the people contributing to the Hollywood black lists. No wonder she said she liked it.


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