Sunday, July 01, 2007

Three-In-One Comics Cover of the Day!

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I've never read a single tale of the Black Terror, but from what I've seen, he appears to be kind of a Batman imitation. Cool costume design, isn't it? I especially like the bands separating the boots, gloves, and trunks from the bodysuit.

Note, too, that the Nazis (I'm guessing that's who their battling here) don't feel compelled to put English-language signs on everything, unlike the Nazis in the Timely WWII books!

Next up:

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Yes, it's another comic with "Black" in the title... gee, ya think I'm posting first issues of books in sort of alphabetical order?

Black Lightning is probably one of Tony Isabella's proudest creations in comics, and I can't say that I blame Tony one little bit for feeling this way! Even though Jefferson Pierce's alter ego has really made very few appearances in DC books since his first series was unceremoniously cancelled (and the same for the second one, too... funny how Black Lightning's solo series didn't last when Tony, the creator of the book, got kicked off it), there's still a pretty good-sized fan following for BL. In fact, Tony's mentioned many times how he'll get asked about Black Lightning more than anything else he's ever done in comics!

Hmmm... Black Terror, Black Lightning... how about Black Cat?

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I wonder how many of you thought that when I wrote "Black Cat," you thought I was referring to Felicia Hardy, instead of the character pictured above? Hopefully few, if any! Not that I've got anything against the Spider-books' Black Cat... heck, to be honest, I don't think I've even read anything she was in for at least five years... but I just prefer the Linda Turner incarnation you see above!

Did you know that the Black Cat made subsequent appearances elsewhere, being called "The Masked Marvel"? I used to have this book... "Mad Peck Studios" or something like that, which told the story behind it... I don't recall too many details right now (because I haven't read the book in a long time, and sold it long ago), but she was used in it, with the different code name, all right!


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  1. The Black Terror was more of an Hourman type character who inhaled some sort of ether and got super strength and invulnerability.


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