Wednesday, August 15, 2007

America's Got Talent Finale Show...

When is a finale show not a finale show?

When it's the America's Got Talent finale. This week's episode featured two performances each by the top four vote-getters chosen by America, and I'm glad to say that Terry Fator made the top four (naturally, both Jessi and I put all our votes for this week's performance in for him).

The other three were the 14-year-old girl (who sings well, but I don't think she's quite earned the top position... she should sign some kind of deal with Disney Channel, if you ask me, which would probably get her a million faster than she'd get the 40 installments from AGT), the guy with the goatee who signs reggae style (my second-favorite of the top three), and Butterscotch, the girl who does "beatbox" while singing... which was interesting the first two or three times I heard it, but I'm so tired of the gimmick now.

I hope those of you who watched and voted put your votes in for Terry! Next week, the results show will be two hours long, and I'm sure at least half of that will be recap... thank goodness for DVRs!

I still hope that next season, they can try to get more of a variety of acts into the finals. I'd love to see the judges forced to get the top ten acts broken down as follows, representing the best of each performance type

1 - Juggling act
1 - Magic act
1 - Ventriloquist act
1 - Comedy act (that doesn't fit a different type on this list)
1 - Musical group
1 - Uncategorizable act
2 - Singers who play their own instrument
2 - Singers who don't accompany themselves

That's ten, right? I just think it would make for more variety once we get to the top ten, and then they can do some eliminations. Heck, once they get to ten, I think we should get three performance shows out of them, with two acts being eliminated by votes each week, to get the final four... and then let the final four get a major spotlight; give then ten full minutes to perform, all at once.

Of course, given that ratings on AGT have been amazing, I don't see why they'd consider using any of my ideas....


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