Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Comic Book Ad of the Day!


Another one from the March, 1973 Charlton books.

Do you get the feeling that anybody who ordered anything from an ad in a Charlton book was probably just throwing their money away? Let's look at these "Super Values," starting with the stickers, shall we?

It's 1,000 stickers for a buck. Or ten stickers for a penny, if you break it down. That "jump with life" under black light (whatever that's supposed to mean). And they're printed on "gum paper" -- which I'm interpreting to mean that it's like the old postage stamps that you have to lick. And looking at the art of the people holding sheets, I'd bet you that each sheet probably has 100 little stickers, and you'd get ten sheets for your money.

You can imagine how great a value the mini posters and incense pieces are, eh?


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