Monday, August 20, 2007

Comic Book Ads of the Day!


Another pair of ads from Charlton, this time from a March, 1973 cover-dated book!

The top half is all too typical of comics advertising, not only at Charlton, but also DC and Marvel (although the big two's fitness ads tended to be aimed towards males, not females). I do find it interesting that the "Crash Diet" offered is only a dollar, but really, would someone spend the money on a Money Order for a buck? Well, I suppose MO's were cheaper in 1973.

The bottom ad is one that should be familiar to everyone reading this, at least those of us who were reading comics in the 1970s! It's definitely one of those that I think most of us of a certain age read and thought for sure that you would be getting something like a statue of the Frankenstein Monster or a skeleton, never guessing it was really just a poster!

OK, sure, they were seven-foot-tall posters, but posters nonetheless.


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