Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh Mighty Isis...

Taking a break from watching Laugh-In tonight (because I finished watching the set of DVDs I got from the library, and haven't been back to get the second set), so tonight I'm starting to watch The Secrets of Isis on DVD. As you may recall, I worked on the special features for this DVD, as I have with the other BCI/Eclipse Filmation releases, so I got my copy for free!

Anyway, I'm on the first episode now, and Andrea Thomas is just now transforming into Isis (a series of stock shots which were used in every episode, just like was done in Shazam! as well as later in He-Man, She-Ra, and lots of other shows).

To be honest, the video quality of this set, at least the first episode, is pretty disappointing! I had high hopes for it, especially given how good the quality on Ghost Busters and Space Academy was. I suppose as I see more of these, I'll be able to tell if there were different prints used for different episodes. I know that nobody ever thought these shows would be made available again later! I'm guessing that the film stock used for this series wasn't the same stock used for prime-time shows... I'm guessing they shot Isis on 35mm at best (although some shots almost look like they were shot on 16mm!).

I'm also struck, as I watch, how low-budget the effects really were! In order to stop a car of crooks from getting away, Isis calls on the sun to help stop them... by making the engine overheat (ooh, a smoke bomb under the hood! That must've set Lou back 15 cents, eh?). But then, I'm sure I remembered the effects being more deluxe than they really were.

Joanna Cameron as Andrea Thomas/Isis is just as sexy as I recall her being, although so far, at least, there've been way too few shots of her in costume where you can see those shapely legs of hers! Most of the shots have been from the bottom of the skirt up, with a glimpse of thigh here and there.

It's too bad that Joanna declined to be interviewed for the DVDs... I had hoped that she'd be in the interviews, but alas, it was not to be! But then, she's not the only actor/actress who doesn't want to revisit parts of their careers!

I wonder if the live-action Spider-Man series from CBS will ever be released on DVD? The reason I think of this is that Joanna Cameron appeared in one of the two-hour movies that were made before the series, and in one sequence, the villain has captured her and made her wear a bikini... because he knows this way she can't be hiding any weapons!

Back to this first episode... this is definitely not a pilot by any means! I doubt there's any continuity from episode to episode, because the characters talk about Isis as if this wasn't the first time that they ever met her or heard of her. This probably was so that the network could air episodes in any order they wanted to.

Another note: Although the official series title is "The Secrets of Isis" (it even says that on the box art and the discs), the show itself only says "Isis" on-screen.


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