Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Was It "Don't Post Much To Your Blog" Week and Nobody Told Me?

Yeah, I know, blogging about blogging is a sin... but I've noticed that many of my favorite blogs, which I check daily, have been posting only sporadically this week, if at all!

The Bat-Blog didn't post anything today... Lady That's My Skull hasn't posted a thing since the tirade against Circuit City... heck, the Comic Treadmill hasn't posted anything since their contribution to Bahlactus' Friday Night Fights (something I've considered participating in, except that I've had a hard enough time finding time to get scans done for future posts, as well as trying to get further ahead on Cover Stories columns).

Maybe I'm just feeling annoyed or something, but you long-time readers know that I feel it's important to not skip too many days if you're blogging... or at least let us faithful readers know if you're taking a break!


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  1. Sorry Jon - every summer there's a several week stretch where blogging gets short shrift due to competing summer fun activities.

    Will it help if I tell you that tomorrow's Treadmill entry will mention you and add you to the Blog Roll?


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