Saturday, August 25, 2007

Space Toy Saturday!


The Apollo II American Eagle Lunar Module battery-operated toy pictured above looks very cool, but it's also rather bizarre, if you think about it. Consider what the real thing did... it landed on the moon, and then after the astronauts were finished, the bottom portion stayed behind while the upper portion launched back into space.

This toy? Well, it moves around with a "mystery action" (meaning random turns and so forth)... but it does some other cool stuff too, according to the box!


Friendship 7, above, is a nice companion piece to the Lunar Module, although they may have been produced by different companies!


Cragstan, at least at one point, must've been the kings of mechanical toys, as witness the "Space Tank" (or "Mars Patrol" vehicle, depending on the release date) above! By "friction-powered," I presume it's like toys you can still find today, where you rev it up by pushing it forward a few times before letting it go. The "spinning ball cockpit" seems to be that blue loop you can see, which I suppose if it's spinning fast enough would produce an interesting effect.

It's a very cool design, very retro, eh?


Also very cool and retro is the "Moon Detector" above... and no, I have no idea why it's called the "Moon Detector"!


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