Friday, August 17, 2007

Thirty Years Ago This Week...

...the world lost two of my favorite entertainers of all time; Elvis Presley and Groucho Marx.

Elvis I was a huge fan of even before his passing. I remember the family going on vacation trips to the Dakotas each summer, and one summer, we'd bought this Elvis 8-track tape (remember those?) from a TV offer, and we listened to that thing from Washington State to the Dakotas and back again. I must've had every song on the thing memorized.

And I remember... well, I don't remember where I was when I heard Elvis died for sure, but I know very shortly afterwards, the junior high bible study group I was in took a bicycling ride to Point Defiance Park, and on the way back, I just couldn't keep riding anymore, so I caught a ride with one of the adult supervisors. Several of the other kids were in the truck, too, and when I mentioned Elvis dying, the reaction I got was, "Who cares?"

Groucho, on the other hand... while I was probably aware of him (more through the references to him in Looney Tunes cartoons than anything else, I'm sure) before his passing, it would be probably another five years or longer after he passed away before I became a Groucho fan... and my admiration for the man grows more and more each year.

Groucho and Elvis, aside from being pop culture icons known for a distinctive look, had pretty much nothing in common that I can tell. And yet, they are, as I said, two of my favorite entertainers of all time (and the Beatles are on that list, too, in case there's any doubt... the rest of that list can fluctuate from week to week).


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  1. I was in Gatlinberg, Tenn. on a short vacation and Elvis' death was all anyone was talking about. It's hard to believe that I'm now older than Elvis was when he died...


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