Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who Wants to be a Superhero? Down to 4!

So... earlier today, we finally watched this week's edition of "Who Wants to be a Superhero?", and I'm kind of let down by this episode.

There were two main things happening here. The first was the heroes went on a mission to foil Doctor Dark, who was diverting power away from the city. In order to foil his plot, the heroes had to crawl through a pipe in the darkness (or near-darkness), past spider webs, snakes, rats, and tarantulas, pull out one of the fuses, and exit. Each hero had to get one fuse, and all five had to do it in no more than six minutes total.

Now, it was obvious to me that the video of the heroes going inside the pipe was "sweetened" a bit... there were some obvious CGI spiders added, scuttling about.

The second main thing happening was that the heroes got a night out, and they went to a (presumably) nearby Mexican restaurant, where they met some of the other customers and interacted with them, especially the kids. The Defuser (the cop) handed a jack to one of the kids as a souvenier from his costume (in his hero identity, it's supposed to be an invention of his he can toss to stop someone from chasing him, so it would be like an explosive or whatever).

The heroes didn't have any money or credit cards on them, naturally, and supposedly they didn't realize the bill wasn't going to be paid, so they had to work off the bill by helping out in the restaurant. Now, maybe I'm being cynical, but I suspect that bit was all set up for the cameras, and is as unreal as this show gets.

Next thing up (it might've been before the restaurant, actually... I forget already) had Doctor Dark calling on the heroes via television to show "shocking" video footage revealing deep, dark secrets of the heroes. This same thing happened last year, with a close friend or family member spilling the beans on something embarrassing that happened to the hero. The Defuser, for example, had to do some drinking as part of his police training (to help learn how to spot DUI's) and was so drunk that when he went to use the restroom, he managed to accidentally trash the place! Whipsnap's secret was that she kind of stalked a guy she was in love with. Hygenia was interested in burlesque dancing, Hyperstrike screwed up a job that he couldn't do an acrobatic stunt for, and I forget what Parthenon's secret was.

The next event was the filing of "mission reports," and one big sticking point was that three of the five heroes thought that Whipsnap was the least heroic of the bunch. And to be fair, she seems to be breaking down and crying from the pressure pretty much every single episode, so that's a fair call, so far as I'm concerned. I'm guessing that the Defuser was one of the heroes who said this... but I don't think that Hygeina would make that call... and I'm not sure that Parthenon would've said that, either... but one of them had to have done it.

The third one was the guy who's becoming my favorite at this point... Hyperstrike. And he admitted it to Whipsnap in a 'private' conversation, because he felt she needed to know he was one who said it. Pretty brave of the guy, but I think Whipsnap respected him for it.

When it came time to head for the roof for elimination, the three called were Hygeina, Whipsnap, and The Defuser. Hygeina was called because she always takes the longest time to perform missions, and her cleanliness thing seems to get in the way a lot. The Defuser was called out by Stan because he gave away that jack to a kid... Stan said he needed to respect his costume more than that... which I thought was really kind of ridiculous, really! He gave a child a souvenier that they'll remember for quite a long time!

I would imagine that next season, a good portion of the contestants will be adding a pouch to their original costume to hold some item that's intended to be given away, in case this happens again.

Whipsnap was called because of the reasons already mentioned.

Now, I don't know if you read any of the coverage from San Diego Comicon on Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, but I did, and in the panel with Stan were Hyperstrike and Hygeina, which led me to believe they'd end up being the final two in the show (which pretty much made watching the show pretty much a waste of time if you were trying to figure out who would stay and who would go). So I knew it was either going to be the Defuser or Whipsnap that would be let go this time... and it was, indeed, Whipsnap's turn.

I'm assuming there will be maybe three or four episodes left in the season. Probably three. In the next two, it'll be the Defuser and Parthenon who will be eliminated, and I'm guessing that somehow, Parthenon will be the first, followed by the Defuser (unless the Defuser gets sick and tired of Stan's criticizing him all the time... let's face it, the Defuser pretty much acts like Captain America does in the Avengers, taking charge of the situation, and he is the natural leader in the group... and I think Cap would gladly give away some small token to children who meet him, to boot. But I do get the feeling that the Defuser's starting to lose some patience with Stan here). That will then lead to a final episode or two in which Hyperstrike and Hygeina will basically face off in a series of tests to help Stan pick the final winner.

To be honest, of the two that seem to be the final two, I'd pick Hyperstrike right now to be the ultimate winner. Why is that? Well, the winner gets their character published in a Dark Horse comic book, and their hero will be featured in a Sci-Fi Channel original movie based on the character (Feedback has been in two... one his own movie, and next week he's in a new movie about a giant snake or something like that... I keep forgetting to see if Sci-Fi's going to re-run the first movie sometime Edit - Apparently "Hyper Snake", which originally aired on the 25th, is the movie debut of Feedback), and there'll also be an action figure made of the character.

Now, while I applaud the idea of it being possible for a woman to win this, I don't think Hygeina's chances of winning the big prize are any better than Fat Momma's chances were last year. I can't see a movie being made of Hygeina that would be anything more than a flat-out comedy about a superhero who fights crime and grime. It's just a silly idea, and it doesn't make for a good movie or a good comic. Not a serious one, anyway. And I can't imagine there's a big line of people wanting to buy a Hygeina action figure (maybe Miss Limelight, but not Hygeina).

It's entirely possible I could be wrong here. I've been wrong before. I'm sure I have, even if I can't remember the last time I was wrong about something. (insert tongue in cheek here)

But we'll just have to wait and see!

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