Friday, September 14, 2007

Classic Batman Toys!

So, here's what'll probably be the last of the classic collectibles posts for a while... I wonder if I should've alerted the Bat-Blog that I'd be posting these?


Here's a color photo of that Batcave playset that was later reissued as the Captain Action playset, which I'm sure I featured in some of the Montgomery Ward's catalog posts!


These are some pretty cool-looking 1960s Batman buttons, aren't they?


A nice Batman lunchbox here, but I've seen cooler-looking Batman ones!


These are, of course, the classic Aurora model kits... I know that Batman and Robin were reissued in the 1970s and the 1990s, and the Batmobile and Batplane were reissued by Polar Lights about six or seven years ago... but I don't know if the Batboat or Batcycle were ever reissued! I don't think the Penguin was ever reissued, either.


And this is, of course, the classic Corgi Batmobile in the original box!



  1. You are correct saying that Polar Lights reissued the Batplane but the Batmobile they released was a brand new model of a different vehicle. They also reissued the Batcycle and Batboat. I don't ever recall The Pengiun being re-released.

  2. Hey Jon,
    I love those buttons with the small display sign...sweet! The lunch box is pretty cool too.

  3. You should see the Batman toys I've posted since these! Try the label "Found on eBay"...


  4. I think that the Bat Cave was also sold with the Captain Action since there was a Captain Action version of the Batman outfit and also a Robin outfit for Action Boy. I remember this set! It was great!

  5. I've revisited that Bat Cave in later "Found on eBay" posts, and possibly even the Captain Action set. It wasn't considered a Batman set in its Captain Action incarnation, I believe.


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