Saturday, September 29, 2007


Rab (whose blog can be found here) responded to my Beatles Coloring Book post:

Pages from that coloring book can be found here. can't believe there wasn't a Yellow Submarine one as well.

One can only imagine how cool that would've been.

He also responded to the DC Special post:

I remember having issue #1 and bitterly regretting that I lost it after reading it only a couple of times. I still feel that way decades later!And I also remember getting the last issue, #15, featuring Plastic Man...and being annoyed that it turned out to be a "silly" comedic strip instead of the more "serious" fare I preferred at the time. But in that case I eventually learned better...

Ah, yes, that Plastic Man issue... probably the most successful one of the series, because it did lead to yet another Plas revival. Too bad they didn't just do an all-reprint book!

While I'm posting about comments... Joe Cab let me know that... here's my Flickr set for old comic book ads

Joe's set is mostly Johnson-Smith type ads, but well worth checking out!


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