Saturday, September 29, 2007

Found on eBay: B-Stuff!

For those of you who don't know, Big Jim was Mattel's contribution to the 1970s action figure market, to compete with GI Joe and the Mego line (especially Mego's Action Jackson, I suspect). Originally, Big Jim was marketed as being a sportsman/adventurer type, with accessories fitting that... but then came Big Jim's P.A.C.K., making Big Jim into more of a superhero type (including having his former arch-foe becoming a teammate). And there seems to have been another incarnation after that, with more of a sci-fi/spy thing going on!


This Sky Commander carrying case/playset is from the first series of Big Jim stuff...


And that's what it looks like opened up. In the future, there'll be some mega-huge Big Jim posts coming your way, and you'll see more of what I'm talking about!

Speaking of stuff there'll be more of in the future...


There will be more Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man stuff coming... but that could be months away!


Wow, this is really turning into a "I'll have more of this kind of stuff later" post... this Banana Splits View-Master set is sort of a preview of the Banana Splits collectibles posts as well as View-Master posts that'll be coming up!


On the other hand, I haven't been putting a lot of effort into tracking down pics on eBay of bootleg toys. There are one or two others, but that's about it so far!


I'm not sure how many other Bugs Bunny items I'll have!


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