Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Found on eBay! Batman Edition!

Usual disclaimers apply... these items may no longer be available from the original seller, it's been at least a week since I found some of these, etc. etc.

I really haven't gone into why I decided to do this, though, have I? So, briefly, before the photos: All the "classic collectibles" posts I've done in the past used photos that were scanned from various books I checked out of the library. Some of those books are out of print, some are still in print... but one thing they all have in common is that they aren't complete... heck, it'd be impossible for them to be complete, because more and more collectibles get discovered every day that weren't known of before.

eBay is the world's most popular system for selling collectibles these days, and it occurred to me that there are photos of collectibles that are being used for those auction listings that, once the auction is done, those photos will eventually disappear forever!

And I think that's a shame. So, at least while Flickr exists, the photos I collect will be available for anyone to look at on the net!

(and if anyone wants to put together a site that matches up the ads of products from the comics with photos of the actual items, let me know, okay?)

On to the Batman collectibles!


This is one of the Ben Cooper Batman costumes... you'll note that not only did they feel compelled to add the word "Batman" to the insignia, they also added that same insignia on the mask! Thank goodness today's Halloween costumes don't follow that trend.


This figure is missing a hand... but it sure reminds me of the Energized Spider-Man... yet I didn't know there was an "Energized Batman" out there! I have no idea of the scale of this toy, nor do I know if the Batarang and "rope" can be extended out any more than it's shown.


This flying Batcopter toy is pretty cool... I think my brother Jeff used to have one of them! There were a bunch of toys like this on the market at the same time... even a Star Trek one, believe it or not! As you can see, there's a weighted base around which the helicopter revolves, attached by a thin rod. The control panel lets you change the rotation and the height, and there'd be obstacles to avoid and targets to "catch" with the copter.


This is a very interesting coloring book variation... the pages appear to be all coated so you can wipe them clean, and instead of just black lines to color inside, the lines are the color you're supposed to fill them in with!


Nice 1960s Batman puzzle here... anyone have an idea who's supposed to be the woman driving that boat? I can't recognize her at all. I'd also like to point out the presence of a Whirly-Bat on this puzzle, something you don't often see in merchandising!


Batman desk or table lamp there, missing the shade. I don't remember seeing an ad for one of these anywhere, but I'd guess the shade would be covered with Batman, Robin, and other characters!


Now, these I have seen... but not for a long time! The Batman one seems to be the most common, from what I've seen!


This Batman nightlight would, I think, inspire more nightmares than anything else!

More Batman stuff next time!


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  1. I belive that's the Queen Bee from the legendary Bob Haney-written Brave and the Bold #64.


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