Friday, September 28, 2007

Found on eBay - Fab Four Edition!

Yes, the usual stuff applies here... I'm not the one selling these items, I don't know if they're still available, and if they are, how reliable the seller is. I just know that I found the pix on eBay, and thought you guys would find them interesting, too!


I am consumed by desire to get a copy of this book and see just what kind of pictures they have inside it... and how closely they kept the drawings looking like the Beatles! (Strangely, I haven't found a Yellow Submarine coloring book yet; nor do I know if they ever made one... but it would've been a natural).


Speaking of the Yellow Submarine... this is one of those toys I really, really, wish I had. It's just one of the coolest pieces of Beatle memorabilia, IMHO!


These Beatles Remco dolls, on the other hand? If I win the lottery some day and manage to collect all the Megos and GI Joe and Captain Action stuff, maybe I'll look into getting a set of these. I just don't find them that interesting, you know?


These model kits are something else I'd love to get a set of... assuming I could find someone to hire to assemble and paint 'em for me! (Paint brushes and I don't get along well in the real world)


Once upon a time, I owned a Yellow Submarine puzzle... I don't recall if this was the puzzle I owned or not, but this one is cool!

Next time on "Found on eBay" - Mattel's Big Jim!


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  1. Pages from that coloring book can be found here:

    I can't believe there wasn't a Yellow Submarine one as well.


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