Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Found on eBay: More Batman Stuff!

It's probably safe to say that at least a large percentage of the pics I've been saving from eBay are of Batman-related merchandise... and here's some more of it!

As always, there's no guarantee these items are available now, or if they are, if the seller is reputable.


I really wish I had a bigger, better photo of this Batman mealware set... it's hard to pinpoint what era it came from, but it looks like it's based on Jerry Robinson art.


What's a set of Batman memorabilia pictures without some Batmobile toys?


This Batman Playset was a surprise... apparently, there were a number of "playsets" produced in the 1970s that basically were all cardboard, with flat cardboard pieces of the characters. I know I used to have the Marvel World set (I know it's been in one of the comics ads posts), but I didn't remember ever seeing this Batman one before!


Similar to the playset is this press-out book... and if the inset pic is to be believed, someone should really consider getting some high-quality scans of this thing made to be shared, as the papercrafters would love it, I'm sure! Plus, I'm guessing it'll never, ever be reissued in any form.


This Batman racing set was oh, so tempting to bid on... of course, there's no way I could afford it! Besides, look at the cars -- it's pretty funky how big Batman and the Joker are compared to their cards, eh?


Yes, that's the Robin Super Jr. squeaky toy.


This set of Batman silverware would go nicely with the Batman dining set, eh?


And then here's the Remco Batman Utility Belt... Bat-Cuffs & Bat-Communicator? Check. Batarang and Batrope? Completely missing. How could Remco possibly get this Utility Belt as wrong as the other utility belts they produced based on superheroes who didn't wear utility belts?

And finally, here's some Batman 1960s coloring books:



Yes, that's Eclipso on the cover of that second comic!


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