Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Response to The Comic Treadmill...

I had to share this latest post from The Comic Treadmill..

Most pertinently, "Animal costumes return in this catalog, with Batdog and Spider-dog. But no Krypto. Those tears you hear are being shed over at the Random Acts of Geekery."

Hey, Krypto!


"What do you want, Jon?"

We've been mentioned on The Comic Treadmill again!



Yes, pointing out there's nothing remotely resembling a Krypto costume for your fellow canines out there.


"Well, not just any dog can pull this look off, you know."

(sadly, that's about the best pic I have of Krypto in his costume by himself... I'll have to take a few new ones one of these days, maybe even try to get an action shot in)

Seriously, though... don't you think that DC Direct would be smart to produce Krypto collars, capes and tag sets for all us aging fanboys who named our dog Krypto (yes, even the dogs that aren't white?)?



  1. Your Krypto is one funny canine. When is he getting his own blog?

  2. Krypto will get his own blog when he can use the keyboard by himself without my helping (and doesn't get teeth marks on the mouse).



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