Monday, September 10, 2007

Star Trek: The New Voyages - "Come What May" - Brief Review!

OK, so I've watched much all of "Come What May," the pilot for the fan-made series "Star Trek: The New Voyages."

What did I think? Overall, I liked it, quite a bit.

Oh, I have a few very minor nitpicks. For example, there was a bit with Kirk, Spock and McCoy involving a 3-D chess game that was pretty much lifted verbatim from one of TOS episodes, except with Kirk taking McCoy's lines and vice versa in a few instances.

And where's the pointed sideburns on all the male crew? Why is Chekov wearing a red shirt? What position does Rand have on the bridge crew?

But overall, I liked it. It had a lot of the feel of the original series, the sets were extremely well done, the SFX were also very good indeed (although I think bird's-eye view from the top of the turbolift shaft would've been enough).

I'll definitely be watching the other episodes that've been done so far!


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  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    each episode improves 10 fold on the previous


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