Monday, September 03, 2007

Who Wants to be a Superhero? And Then There Were 3...

Well, I guess I called it back here when I said I figured Parthenon would be next to go in this series, didn't I?

Jessi and I actually watched the latest episode on Friday, but I haven't had a chance to blog much about it now.

Once again, I found myself watching Stan's criticism of what one of the heroes did and am scratching my head. What I'm referring to is when Hyperstrike was talking to the children who were involved with one of their challenges (they received a code from Stan, which required them to answer some questions with some help from a classroom of kids). One of the children in Hyperstrike's group didn't like their name, and to help them relate to him, Hype told them in real life, his last name is "Stork," like the bird, and got teased about that a lot.

Stan jumped on him for this in the elimination round, saying that as a superhero, he was putting kids in danger by revealing his secret identity. Now, if he were a real superhero, then yes, I can see that being a huge criticism, but Stan didn't even give him points for helping the kids to relate to him!

None of the four demonstrated much thinking during the time when they got orders from "Evil Stan" over their communicators... I don't see how it could've been made more obvious that they were supposed to pick up on something there!

And they all too easily fell into the trap that Doctor Dark set up for them... but what really kind of annoyed me about this was that, okay, I can see the directors telling them they had to fall into the trap, since that was a big challenge... but you know, if it weren't for Parthenon, they wouldn't have gotten out of there. Yet, Parthenon was the one to go today.

Personally, I think Hygeina should've been the one to go, but as I've surmised before, they're trying to get it down to one male and one female superhero. If this is, indeed, what they're trying to do, then they need to either get stronger female contestants, or lamer male contestants. Hygeina consistently underperforms, and Stan's told her time and again her dirt phobia gets in the way of missions, but others get sent home instead.

Anyway, as I predicted, at the end of this episode, it's down to The Defuser (who will be gone by the end of the first hour of the two-hour episode), Hyperstrike and Hygeina, and I'll still say at this point I think that Hyperstrike will be the final winner.

Now, as with my suggestions for "America's Got Talent," I don't figure that anyone involved in the production of WWTBAS is reading this blog, but just in case... here' my ideas for how to make things even better the next time around:

1. Don't make it just a summer-only series. I think having one running in, say, December and January (or January and February) when most other programs are in reruns would be great.

2. Allow more characters who wear masks. Let's face it, if they're supposed to be acting like real superheroes, the majority of them should be masked!

3. Make a tougher process to become a contestant. And by that, I mean that everyone has to clearly define their character's origin, powers, and weaknesses in their entry, so we don't have situations like with Ms. Limelight and others where their powers aren't even remotely defined. Maybe even make contestants name who their character's arch-foe is, and what that villain's powers, motivation, etc. are.

4. When it comes to the costume redesign portion of the series (I'm guessing this will be a regular part of the show), instead of having Stan do the redesigns (which I'm guessing he's not all that directly involved in), how about having three working comic book artists each work up a new design for each character, and then letting the heroes choose which of the three they like best? And no griping, Stan, if someone prefers their original costume!

5. Going back to entry #3, it would be fun if each contestant had their arch-foe named, and then brought to life for an episode, just so that we can see how the contestants deal with their villain creations come to life?

6. Here's an even more fun idea... run a sub-contest called "Who Wants to be a Super-Villain" with the top three contestants picked to play their villain to oppose the heroes!

7. Get the heroes to come up with a team name. If I were a contestant, I'd be suggesting to my fellow heroes that we should do that, and I'd probably suggest, "Stan Lee's Legion" or something like that.

8. Make a trivia contest challenge, with a twist! After about three or four episodes, have the heroes compete in a trivia contest in which the questions are about their fellow heroes!

That's all I have for now!



  1. I never cared for Parthenon but I thought he would win it all. Between the there I think it will be Hyperstrike. Like last years winner he is a comic book fan and I think they like that as that is their core audience. If not him then it will be Defuser. I doubt very much that it will be Hygenia. She hasn't been doing as well as the other two.

  2. As I've posted before, I don't believe the Defuser will end up being one of the last two, since it was Hyperstrike and Hygenia who appeared on the panel at San Diego (way to blow the suspense there, I say... next year, they would be smart to either schedule the show so it's further along before SDCC, or only feature the winners from the last season).



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