Friday, October 05, 2007

Halloween Countdown: October 6!


That Dracula mask bears a resemblance to Christopher Lee, doesn't it... or is it more like Peter Cushing?


This one is similar, but different in a number of ways! They're both kind of neat, although I've personally never thought a vampire mask was necessary... fake fangs, slick the hair back, pale up the skin a bit...


But there obviously are enough people who don't think that's the case to justify a lot of different Dracula/vampire masks on the market, eh?


Now for non-mask stuff... the above Dracula puzzle was manufactured by Jaymar in the 1960s. From that I've been able to tell, Jaymar pretty much produced puzzles, mostly of licensed characters (I think they had the Disney puzzle license before it went to Whitman/Golden Books). They produced a number of monster puzzles... one each for Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, and the Wolf Man... and each puzzle guest-starred at least one of the others, like the Monster appearing here!


Add this Dracula Yard Light to the list of things I'd love to have... (sigh) one of these days, after my wife and I buy a house and our son is old enough, I would love to do a haunted house for Halloween...


And wrapping up today's Halloween countdown post, and also providing a coming attraction to tomorrow's post, here's a rather unusual-looking Frankenstein Monster mask -- obviously intended to remind one of the Jack Pierce styled makeup, yet different enough to avoid paying any licensing fee!



  1. Great stuff all around. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! Wait until you see what else is coming up!



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