Saturday, November 17, 2007

Comics Advertising: Charlton Oct '76, DC Jan '76


This was the only ad of interest from Charlton's October 1976 comics... and it's almost too cool to be from a Charlton comic, eh? If you ask me, those monster iron-ons are just the absolutely best thing I've ever seen advertised in a Charlton book, bar none!

Can you imagine how much a set of those would go for on eBay these days?


Now, on to a few ads from DC's January 1976 cover-dated books, like the above ad for Kenner's Six Million Dollar Man action figure! And it reminds me of two things:

1. That I really need to get to some of the Six Million Dollar Man photos in the "Found on eBay" collection...

2. This story about the Six Million Dollar Man action figure from my childhood.

My family -- especially my siblings and I -- were huge fans of the Six Million Dollar Man, and when Kenner came out with this action figure, my brother Jeff absolutely had to have one. And I'm pretty sure that he got one for his birthday that year. I don't think he even had to unwrap a package, because it was purchased at Kmart for him while we were all there!

So, we get home, and he opens up the box and pulls the thing out... looks through the "bionic eye", that's cool... but then he puts the engine block on Steve's hand and starts pressing the button on the back...

...and nothing happens. His arm doesn't move at all.

He tells our mother, and the whole thing goes back in the box, and back to Kmart for an exchange.

While they're out... I find the instruction sheet that was in the box, but fell out and onto the floor when Jeff pulled Steve out of the box. The sheet that tells you that in order to make Steve Austin lift the engine block, you have to turn Steve's head to one side.

Naturally, when Jeff and mom got back from Kmart with the replacement for the "defective" toy, I had to point that out to them. And just as naturally, when following the directions, it worked perfectly.

I don't think Jeff got any more of the Six Million Dollar Man items, though.


The second ad from the January '76 DC books is another Kenner ad, for the TTP toys that, as I recall, pretty much flopped. TTP, as you might be able to read, stands for "Turbo Tower of Power." These motorcycles kind of worked like Ideal's Evel Knievel motorcycle toy, in that you'd put the motorcycle on the tower/ramp, and then crank the thing up, and when you stopped, the motorcycle would go.

This was kind of the follow-up to Kenner's more successful SSP car line, which used a gyroscopic "motor" that you activated with a T-strip which had teeth (something that was also copied by AHI for at least one line of motorcycle toys) which engaged the gears of the single real wheel in the center of the toy.


Speaking of Evel Knievel, here's a back cover ad for that Ideal line, which is another toy line I have lots of pics to share with you guys as soon as I get to 'em!

Brother Jeff also had the Evel Knievel figure with motorcycle, but had no problem making it work right.


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