Saturday, November 17, 2007

Found on eBay: Batman Stuff!

And here we are again with another edition of "Found on eBay," the recurring feature of this blog in which I, ye humble blogger, share photos with you of items that have been offered for sale on eBay. As with all other posts in this series, I'm not promising that any of these items are still available, and if they are, I make no promises about the sellers.

Now, let's get on to some cool Batman stuff!


Check out this 1966 Batman insulated mug! Looks like Carmine Infantino artwork on the Dynamic Duo, but it appears that a Golden Age logo has been used!


That's a nice-looking Batman watch from the 1960s there... too bad the bat-emblem got covered up, though!


This Batman coin bank has a 1966 copyright date on it. There have been a fair amount of different Batman banks produced over the years!


Here's a reversal on the mug art/logo dichotomy: This card for the Batman pin uses a then-modern 1966 Batman logo, but the figure art is definitely Golden Age (with the circle added around the bat-emblem). So far as the pin goes, it bears a resemblance to the bat-logo on the doors of the 1966 Batmobile... but I can't imagine why someone would've paid the licensing fee to manufacture this when they might've gotten away with just calling it a bat pin!


This Batman figure, which looks just like Adam West playing Batman, was a foreign-produced figure, and is probably a bootleg, to boot!


Here's another of those AHI 1970s items, and I wish I had a better photo of it, too. If I recall, this Bat-Copter toy had some kind of spring-loaded system, so that you'd pull a string to uncoil the spring, and then it would wind back, spinning the propeller so the Bat-Copter could fly!


Ah, and here's an AHI Bat-Cycle that uses that same zip-cord gyro "technology" I was writing about earlier today with Kenner's SSP cars!


AHI also produced several Batmobiles, and this one was battery-powered. Note the Golden Age-styled artwork on the box.

Now, those AHI Batman items are all pretty cool, and all make sense... but check this out:


Yes, it's a Batman Lantern! Just the thing for that camping trip (although I suppose I shouldn't talk, because I just remembered that I own a 1970s DC superheroes sleeping bag, and this lantern would make a nice accessory with it).


This is another AHI Batmobile, and it also is gyro-powered! You can even see the gyro pretty well in this photo.


Yes, it's the Aurora Batcycle kit! And I don't even want to think what this closed for...


You don't see too many head-to-head Batman games (or any other superhero games, for that matter)... but here's one, the "Baterang Bagatelle" game! I guess you can probably figure out how it's played for yourself.


Hadn't had a Batboat yet in this entry of Bat-toys... so here's the Corgi one...


...and here's an inflatable one for your pool!

More Bat-toys in the next edition of... "Found on eBay"!


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