Friday, November 30, 2007

Found on eBay: Evel Knievel!

OK, I've never done this before, but since hearing that Evel Knievel's passed away, I thought I'd do a special "Found on eBay" post featuring Evel Knievel toys to mark his passing.




As I've written before, Ideal's Evel Knievel toy line was based around two things: The Gumby/Major Matt Mason-type Evel Knievel (i.e., solid rubber body with wire inside to help it hold position whe posed), and the gyro-powered vehicles. Above are some of the variation Evel figures (and you thought Mattel started the variations with Batman!). I'm not sure why they marketed the figure in this costume, because usually toy companies of the era were wanting to find the next "razor and blades" toy product!


By "razor and blades" toy product, I'm referring to lines like GI Joe and Barbie, where they produce a main item (i.e., the figure), and then make the real money off the accessories. By the same token, Gillette and other companies (before the days of disposables) would sell you the razor, and make most of their money off of blades to refill the razor!



But as I've already pointed out, Ideal didn't seem to want to just sell costume/uniform packs (perhaps the toys were just too hard to change clothes on?), so there were several different Evel figures (the only non-Evel they produced was his son, Robbie, if I recall correctly).



But it was with the vehicles that the real money had to be made, I'd bet, and other accessories!


I don't recall Evel using anything but motorcycles (except for the ill-fated "sky cycle" he tried to use to jump the Snake River Canyon)... but they did produce cars for Evel!


This seems to be based on the same concept as Kenner's SSP Smash-Up Derby set... pieces come off at impact, they get lost, kids beg mom and dad to buy a replacement set!


Ah, the stuntcycle here was the primary vehicle in the collection. If you only got one vehicle for your Evel Knievel figure, you had to get this one!


I wonder how many kids thought the Super Jet Cycle went faster than the Stunt Cycle?

There were some other accessories for the line, too:


I'd previously posted this Skull Canyon toy picture...


I'm not sure, but I suspect the Stunt World set was for the figures and gyro-vehicles...


And this is, I believe, a beat-up "Scramble Van" which I think was the #2 most-desired Evel vehicle!

Oh, and there were the die-cast vehicles, too, which weren't connected to the action figure line:









Also sold in at least this six-pack!

There were a few other Evel toys out there, too...


Like this cheesy-looking stunt game...


The no doubt low-cost Evel Knievel bike flag...


Aurora's poster puzzle...


And the Electric Evel Knievel Toothbrush!

I'm sure there were other toys as well... a bicycle helmet (which probably afforded no protection), Ben Cooper Halloween costume... but these are what I have!

I don't know how big a piece of these Evel had, but I'm sure he must've made some nice money off of the licensing!

And wherever he is now, I'm sure Evel's enjoying having a healthy, pain-free body again, and is terrorizing his fellow afterlifers with plans for the most amazing stunts imaginable!


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  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    My parents kept my EK electric tooth brush; I still have it. One tooth brush is flattened out, but the second is just fine.


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