Thursday, November 29, 2007

Found on eBay: More Batman Stuff!

Just for a break between the "Give-A-Show Friday" stuff... here's some more Batman items that I've... Found on eBay!

Before the photos, the disclaimer: I don't promise that these items are currently being sold on eBay, and if they are, I don't make any guarantees about the sellers. I just wanted to share the pix with you!


Is this the most bizarre Batman item you've ever seen? Well, not most bizarre-looking, naturally. But just the idea of Batman Flip-Flops seems just so wrong!

Interesting that two different Batman logos are on them, isn't it?

Now, check out these Batman puzzles!


I wonder just who the artist was who did the art for this puzzle... doesn't look to my eye like one of DC's 1960s Batman artists... well, maybe Joe Giella.


This one, on the other hand, appears to be all Infantino, and pretty cool, eh?


I'm guessing this is by Giordano... or else he inked it!


Getting away from the puzzles... it's amazing to me just how many Batman gun toys have been made, given how Batman's long been portrayed as not using a gun! This friction gun is pretty pathetic, too... I mean, aside from a silver Bat-logo, it has nothing to do with Batman!


These were great... they were humungous coloring books produced that were at least tabloid size, but if that wasn't cool enough, each of the books produced (aside from this one, I believe there were Superman, Wonder Woman and Shazam! volumes) was an actual comic book story for you to color!


Avon produced at least two Batman-related items... this one, the hairbrush, seems to be the most commonly found. There's also a Batmobile-shaped shampoo bottle that either I've already posted before, or will some day in the future!


I think Husky was a division of Corgi, because all the Husky items I've seen are duplicates of similar items Corgi produced, just with different packaging!


It's always surprising to me how many different Batman items were produced in Japan... including a lot of Batmobiles!

Some of it's also rather bizarre, like these Batman cards!


Or this!


This is what's called a "Karuta" game... and no, I have no idea what that means!



  1. And of course if you're making a set of Batman playing cards, who better to picture on the Joker card than....umm...the Riddler...

  2. But to be fair, Tony, only one Joker card is shown... the expected Clown Prince of Crime could be on the other one.

    It would've been nice to be able to see all the cards, though!



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