Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Found on eBay! Mostly 8mm box art

So, having realized just how many pics I've collected already for the "Found on eBay" feature, I figured I'd start posting them at least every other day!

Standard stuff applies here... I'm not the one selling these, I don't know the person who was selling them, I make no promises these are even still available!


If you collect movie posters, eBay's a great place for them... movie posters, lobby card, press kits, etc.


As well as, naturally, non-US posters and lobby cards -- and it's the non-US stuff that often looks the most interesting! Not that it's the case for sure with the above 2001 items!


Obviously, you can find pretty much anything on eBay! Want to track down an 8mm version of Disney's "The Black Hole"?


Or perhaps 8mm chapters from the greatest movie serial of all time? (I really dig that all three of these have completely different box art)


It really is amazing how much 8mm and super 8mm stuff shows up... heck, I'm only showing you the sci-fi and monster stuff, for the most part! There's loads of 8mm cartoons and some really bizarre stuff being offered every day!


I understand that many of these 8mm versions have been showing up on YouTube lately, and I really should do some searching for them, and get them on the old blog, eh?



And as many of these photos as I've collected, I know that's got to be the tip of the iceberg compared to what was originally released!


Even if you take into account the generic box formats that were used... for example, this Volume 2 Hercules box is probably not much different than the Volume 1 box (who knows if there was a volume 3?).


These Popeyes appear to be Famous Studios/Paramount cartoons... I wonder if the Fleischer stuff was ever released on 8mm?


Some of these movies I'm just dying to see the 8mm version of, just to see how condensed these got!


I know there were at least a half-dozen different Spider-Man 8mm releases, but this is the only one I've found on eBay so far!


This one may have never been released in the USA! I have been surprised at how many tv shows I've seen on 8mm offered on ebay...


Could they have made the box art for "This Island Earth" look any more boring?


Here's another one that may not have ever been released outside the UK!


Can you imagine just how much this was cut for the 8mm release?

Next time on "Found on eBay" - A bigger variety of stuff, but probably mostly Beatles!


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  1. Lots of great cover art, thank you for sharing. Did you know as of Nov, 2007 you can STILL BUY SUPER-8 FILM!

    Not only can you still buy super-8 film, the triple threat of black and white, reversal and negative super-8 film stocks can still be purchased, processed, and then transferred on state of the art rank cintel equipment for a film look on video that still is a distinct alternative to the over 50 different digital video formats currently on the market.

    The advantage of film is it instantly has a story telling feel to it. When starting with film one can choose to go to any digital video format for editing purposes. This includes digital video formats that have not yet been created but will be in the future.


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