Friday, November 16, 2007

Found on eBay! Movie Posters and Models!


As I said, I'm a huge fan of the Marx Brothers, and so there's some Marx items appearing in the "Found on eBay" posts here and there!

I think I've only seen "At the Circus" just once, and it was so long ago I barely remember more of it than Groucho singing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady." I should really rectify that one of these days!


This reminds me of one of the stories about the making of "At the Circus" that I've read. It seems that the gorilla costume that was used at the beginning of filming wasn't the same costume used at the end of filming! You see, back when At the Circus was filmed, gorilla portrayers apparently didn't own their own gorilla costumes! The studios had to hire them separately. So the actor playing the gorilla wasn't happy with the gorilla suit the studio rented for him, since that suit had no ventilation in it. After one particularly hot, sweaty day, the actor took an ice pick and made ventilation holes in the gorilla suit!

Well, when the owner of said suit found out, he hit the roof, and refused to let them use the gorilla suit again.

Rather than scrap the entire movie, the studio decided to rent an orangutang costume (apparently there were no gorilla costumes available), figuring audiences would never notice the difference!


This lobby card is from the second Superman serial starring Kirk Allyn... and one I've never seen!


When Aurora decided to reissue their 1960s comic book model kits in the 1970s, they also decided to get all-new art done by the current comic creators... hence, Herb Trimpe had the honors for the Hulk box art, as well as the comic accompanying the instruction booklet!

I used to have this version of the Hulk kit!


Here's the Captain America box art from the same series release, and I'm guessing that's John Romita, Sr. doing the art duties here!

Too bad they didn't get Kirby to do the artwork... that would've been truly awesome.


I think Jazzy Johnny did the art for the Spidey box art, too!


Jumping back in time with the Aurora kits, here's the Spindrift from Land of the Giants, my favorite Irwin Allen TV series, bar none. (If you're curious, Time Tunnel is my second favorite... and wouldn't an Aurora kit of the Time Tunnel complex have been cool as heck?)


Flying Sub above... you know, I don't know how long I convinced myself that the Spindrift and Flying Sub were the same vehicle, painted differently!


I always wondered why Aurora did a Penguin model kit... did any other Batman villains get made into model kits? I would've thought that Joker and Catwoman kits would've sold better.


I'm pretty sure that in the 1970s, most of the money I spent on model kits went into Aurora's coffers... and what they didn't get, MPC did! The Prehistoric Scenes were one of my favorite series, after the monster and superhero ones, naturally! I never had the Cave Bear one...


I had no idea that this kit had been made! The Voyager is from Fantastic Voyage. No, not the movie. The Filmation animated series!


I've got to imagine that the Wonder Woman kit was probably the poorest-selling Aurora comics-based model kit... it was never even reissued in the 70s, so far as I know!

Next up in "Found on eBay" -- more Batman collectibles!



  1. I'm about to date myself: getting that Voyager model kit from Fantastic Voyage was a huge deal for me back in the day. I've always vividly remembered the somewhat odd box photo, and seeing it again really takes me back. After weeks of begging, my parents bought it for me when they had to attend some sort of event obliging them to leave me at the home of my aunt and uncle for the day, knowing that building this would keep me quiet and happily occupied the whole time. A very fond memory.

  2. Jon,

    Fantastic blog and so many great memories! I was reading your comments on the Aurora sci-fi and superhero model kits and I have a couple of observations:

    1. While the "what if" of Kirby illustrating the "Comic Scenes" Captian America would have been cool, John Romita was providing many of the great covers for the title at the time this kit was reissued in 1974. Furthermore, Kirby had not yet returned to Marvel, and if my sources are correct, the Aurora reissues required direct cooperation with the comic book publishers.

    2. Aurora's Wonder Woman kit was not reissued due to poor sales. In fact, it was meant to be reissued as part of the "Comic Scenes" series, but the original mold was destroyed (along with many others) in a train accident!

  3. RAB - Thanks for sharing!

    Yorgaman - Thanks for the compliments! Tell your friends! :) I kind of figured Kirby was at DC when the Comic Scenes were done. Kind of surprising Aurora didn't commission a new WW kid when the TV series was on!


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