Saturday, December 01, 2007

Found on eBay: The Batman Merchandise Continues!

Wow, I didn't realize I had just so freaking many Batman items in this "found on eBay" group! Let's see if I can finally finish 'em off today, eh?


Most unusual Japanese Batmobile I've ever seen... mainly because it's a Jaguar, which I don't think was the basis for any other Batmobile ever!


I completely missed seeing these Johnny Lightning retro-Bat-vehicles, whenever they came out!


I'm pretty sure this 1970s-era Joker bank was manufactured by Mego! Look at the face and compare it to the action figure, and you'll see why!


Two things about this: 1) It's not often I come across a Batman sticker or coloring book I don't already have a photo of. And 2) Is it my imagination, or does Batman look like he's doing the "I'm crushing your head!" thing from the Kids in the Hall? (Watch, nobody reading this blog is familiar with that show, so you're all scratching your heads wondering what the heck I'm talking about!)


I don't get to write this often, but I can say that this Batplane, manufactured by Lincoln International, is still available to purchase on eBay -- or at least one very much like this one! I believe it's in an eBay store listing, but I thought I got this pic from an auction listing.


This is a nice pair of lithographs, isn't it?


Lobby card! Hey, how many of you guys have ever seen the Batman serials of the 1940s? Pretty cheap productions, weren't they? I think there was a higher budget for these lobby cards than there was for sets!


I love the mix of graphics on this Marx Toys' Batman Bagatelle game, don't you? Plus, how often do you see Batman merchandise that includes Batwoman on it?


The main reason I snagged this photo of a Batman miscellaneous lot was for the cardboard jointed figure... easily the ugliest of these I've seen!


Someone should really produce more partyware using artwork from the old DC style guide... I mean, this stuff looked great!


I'm guessing these Batman party favors came out about the same time as the napkins above. Too bad I can't find anything like this at the dollar stores!


Here's some paper plates to go with the napkins and party favors to make your 1970s Batman birthday party complete!


And here's another of those 1970s Mego banks, this one of the Penguin, naturally! (I don't know if any other Bat-villains were immortalized thusly)

OK, I won't be able to finish this current group of Batman items today... but one more "Found on eBay" post and Batman will be disappearing from this series... at least until we hit some general DC Comics merchandise, like Super Friends stuff!



  1. Jon,
    I'm guessing that the Lincoln International Batplane is based on a Grumman Widgeon. I wouldn't have thought of an amphibian for this vehicle.


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