Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Found on eBay: DC Superheroes Items!

So, I've got a bit of a break mid-morning here, so I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick "Found on eBay" post for those of you who may take a break from holiday festivities and do some blog reading!


This blanket was listed by the seller as being a Super Friends blanket, but I suspect that's because it has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on it. It's a pretty nice blanket, and would've made a nice companion piece to my DC superheroes sleeping bag, but I think I forgot to put a bid on it before it closed, sadly...


This Super Jrs. sleeping bag is another item I fully intended to put a bid on... I even added it to my watchlist on eBay... and then forgot to put a bid on it at all. This was from a short period when I was experimenting with waiting until an auction was nearly over before placing a bid, in an attempt to avoid being sniped. Instead, I just plain forgot to bid at all!

These days, I only put stuff on my watchlist if I'm curious to see what the final price is, and if I'm going to bid, I put my maximum bid in there right away.


These days, it's probably hard to believe, but stamp collecting used to be a pretty popular hobby... so much so that items like this one were put out in an attempt to get some crossover going between the comics collectors and stamp collectors! Nice art on these sets, too.


I wish the seller of this item had included decent photos of the stencils... because otherwise, this is basically just sidewalk chalk!


Obviously, when the Wonder Woman TV show was on, Wonder Woman licensing increased... I think before the show, it was rare to have Wonder Woman by herself on any licensed product, it was all relating to Super Friends or the JLA (for the most part... I am, of course, aware of the Ideal Wonder Woman Super Queen).


Been a while since I posted a coloring book here, hasn't it? And I think this is the first WW coloring book I've ever posted!


In the 1970s or so, Corgi had the license to produce cars based on the DC characters... later, Mattel got the license for Marvel cars (which were part of their Hot Wheels line). I'm not sure how well this one did!


I'm not sure how they managed to produce a Wonder Woman costume without being tempted to put a picture of Wonder Woman on it! It's not bad, considering how skimpy the real costume is... it's actually pretty recognizeable!



  1. Have you seen my costumes I make yet? They are also on Ebay.

  2. Jon,
    I agree, except for Underoos you don't see much Wonder Woman-themed merchandise. http://www.copyrightencyclopedia.com/in-1979-there-will-be-the-haves-and-the-have-nots-those-7/ lists that coloring book was published in 1978. As for the Halloween costume, it looks like you've located the inspiration for Jim Lee/Cully Hamner when they revamped Diana's costume last year.


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