Thursday, December 06, 2007

Found on eBay!

So, in case you're not interested in the Give-A-Show Fridays post, here's some Found on eBay stuff to reward you for stopping by anyway!


Been a while since I posted any Bewitched-related pictures, hasn't it? Well, I'll make up for it today! The Samantha doll pictured above is one of the most-desired items for Bewitched collectors, or so I've read.

Not a lot of Bewitched toys were ever produced, so there's not much available on eBay for the Bewitched collector... well, except for publicity photos! Those come up fairly often, like these:



Signed photos must go for quite a bit, I'd imagine!


OK, so the one above isn't really a Bewitched item... but somehow, I don't think you readers will mind (well, at least the heterosexual male readers won't mind!).

And now, for something completely different!


Big Jim was Mattel's attempt to capture some of Hasbro's GI Joe market, and probably some of Mego's market, as well! Like Joe and Mego's Action Jackson, Big Jim had accessories and vehicles available, like the boat and buggy above, and the costumes below!


One thing that I've never really understood, however, was why they decided that Big Jim was going to be shorter than their previously-established Barbie line!


(Pictured above is Dr. Steel, who was originally sold as a villain, but later reformed and joined Big Jim's P.A.C.K.)

Now, bear with me on this... getting back to the different size than Barbie thing. Mego played it smart by making their girl's doll line (Dinah-Mite) the same size as Action Jackson and the later World's Greatest Super-Heroes and so forth, because then they could use the exact same molds, with different colored plastic, to make accessories for multiple lines!

For example, they produced a headquarters for Action Jackson that was also adapted for Dinah-Mite, and finally, became the Planet of the Apes Treehouse!


By making Big Jim a different scale than Barbie, I think Mattel screwed themselves... any vehicle they produced for Big Jim could've been easily retooled for Barbie as well... and any of the costumes for Big Jim could've been repackaged as Ken clothes, too! I don't know who was responsible for making that decision, but I hope they're no longer with the company.


(I think all the Big Jim items with the above logo were only produced in Europe, as I don't recall ever seeing them in the USA)

What I find even more bizarre, however, is that when, in the 1980s, Mattel decided to come out with their Masters of the Universe action figure line, they did completely n new molds, instead of using the old Big Jim molds as the basis for the figures. OK, so Jim wasn't quite as buff as He-Man was, but he was a heck of a lot more poseable!


(Above, Big Jim's P.A.C.K., gathered together in one mighty eBay auction!)

In my opinion, too, Mattel's Big Jim body was much better than Mego's body, especially for super-heroes. Mego's Hulk would truly look puny compared to the muscular Big Jim, and the poseability was better, too!

But perhaps I'll write more on this next time!



  1. If I'm not mistaken, the Big Jim's PACK boxes above are the ones with authentic Jack Kirby art we were just talking about here!

  2. I dunno... that box art always looked "off" to me, kind of like the non-Kirby Super Powers comics art. It was supposed to look like Kirby, but it wasn't Kirby.

    Then again, I suppose it could depend on who inked this artwork, eh?



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