Saturday, December 15, 2007

Found on eBay!

OK, so it's been a while since I had the standard preface on one of these posts... so, for those of you joining me recently here...

All photos in "Found on eBay" posts come from actual eBay auctions. Some of these items may still be available from the same seller, some may be available from a different seller, and some may not be available at all right now (the latter two is more likely than not the case, as I have a backlog of photos to share). No matter what the case may be, I am in no way trying to endorse any particular auction or seller, and make no promises about any auction on eBay.

I present these photos here as a form of archiving, so that anyone who wants to, say, find a photo of an Azrak-Hamway International Spider-Man Paratrooper toy on the card, they'll be able to do so (not that an AHI Spidey Paratrooper is one of today's items!).

As I promised last time around... here's some Marx Brothers stuff!


A Day At The Races was probably the first Marx Brothers movie I ever saw... most of the story takes place at a sanitarium that's in need of cash, and Groucho (playing Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush) is called upon to take over the sanitarium by the dowager placed (as almost always in a Marx Bros. picture) by Margaret Dumont. What they don't know is that Dr. Hackenbush is a horse doctor! Chico and Harpo basically play the same kind of characters they usually do, sometimes working against Groucho, sometimes working with him. The owner of the sanitarium, whose name I don't recall, as played by Maureen O'Sullivan (you'd know her best playing opposite Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan as Jane), and looking absolutely gorgeous.


The most famous scene in this movie is probably the one where Groucho's at the track, wanting to place a bet, but Chico is a tout (disguised as a Tootsy-Frootsy Ice Cream vendor), who manages to sell Groucho a whole library of books, guides, etc. that leads Groucho to bet on a losing horse. There's also a rather embarassing musical number involving Harpo and the local black people... I say it's embarassing, because it's embarassing by modern standards. Honestly, it's nowhere near as stereotypical as most movies of the era, but it's still something that nobody could even consider trying to do these days!

Anyway, it's a very good movie... not the Marx's best, but it's still a damn good movie.


I've written before about "The Day the Earth Stood Still"... well, I did here...


So it's a good thing I only have two items found on eBay to share with you concerning that movie, eh?

(I wish someone made an inexpensive Gort figure, however)


We've all seen green plastic army soldiers... but have you ever seen them sold with a card that has the G.I. Combat logo on it before? This was the first (and so far, only) one I've ever seen! I wonder if DC's lawyers jumped on the manufacturer or not... I have no idea how recent it was.


I'll give you an idea of how long it's been since I started collecting these photos, and how much of a backlog I've got. See this picture? It's in my "Found on eBay Volume Two" folder on Flickr. I'm currently accumulating pictures for Volume 6... and I typically have about 600-750 photos in each volume!

Anyway, the reason I mention that is that just this past week, I saved another photo of this glass into Volume 6, and didn't realize I already had it! This is why I often have to go through my Flickr files and delete duplicate stuff...


Outside of action figures, there has never been much merchandising for Aquaman... no model kit from Aurora, for example. There was at least one Give-A-Show Projector strip, but that's about it. Above you see a 1980s Aquaman puzzle, released as part of the whole "Super Powers" product line that stretched over multiple manufacturers. It's a nice image, and I'd guess it's by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, who did so many illos like this for the DC Style Guide that licensors had to follow.


This, however, has to be the hardest Aquaman licensed product to find, period. I've only seen the Aquaman Aquarium on eBay once since I started collecting these pics, and I've never seen one in real life, either. Check out that cover image of Aquaman there... I don't know if it's the exact pic that was used on the upper left of Aquaman's comic book for so long, or a redrawing, or what... but it's an iconic pose, y'know?

And no, so far as I can tell, there was never at any time a Sub-Mariner aquarium kit. (I still have to wonder, however, why there's been so little manufacturing of aquarium accessories using Aquaman or Subby... there's Spongebob stuff all over Petco, though)


Here's another one of those toys I wish would be reissued these days... produced by the Colorforms people, I think this was like the Marvel Stand-Ups I mentioned in the last Comics Ad Gallery post, except you colored these yourself (I'm guessing with colored pencils). I suppose one could easily recreate this kind of thing themselves...


And I close today with this "How to Draw Superheroes" book that, for the bargain price of 99 cents, would teach you how to draw Superheroes!

I sometimes have to wonder if Filmation's artists had something like this to refer to? Or Hanna-Barbera's, even!



  1. Suzane Wells6:52 AM

    I just love all these vintage items people sell on eBay. It is amazing how many Wonder Woman fans are out there. I saw a Wonder Woman Wilton cake pan that sold for over $100 a few weeks ago. Amazing. And I had forgotten about Aquaman! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Suzanne Wells - Power Seller

  2. Wonder Woman fans are an interesting lot... it's amazing, because the current Wonder Woman comic hasn't sold really well in quite some time, yet anytime I've auctioned off older (like 1970s) Wonder Woman comics, I get top dollar for them all the time. So I'm definitely not surprised by the price on the Wonder Woman cake pan! I sold a Superman one a looooong time ago (under a different identity than I'm using these days) and I think I got maybe $12 for it.

    I try to do a "Found on eBay" post at least every other day, and I'm always surprised and delighted at the kind of stuff I find to share here!


  3. I still have my "How to Draw Superheroes" book along with some of my old Batman coloring books.

  4. Good for you Jamdin... I wish I had most of the stuff I'd collected all my life, but had gotten rid of for one reason or another...



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